About Us

Crystal Delights began in 2008 as a successful line of digital toys in the virtual world of Second Life. Along with the “Crystal Delights” virtual adult toy product line, we launched virtual sales kiosks that allowed Second Life avatars the ability to purchase real-world pleasure products using Lindens, Second Life’s currency. When Second Life began to pursue different avenues, and restricting adult commerce, we decided to create a real-life “Crystal Delights” pleasure product.

Two years later, in 2010, our first “IRL” adult art glass product - the Crystal Delights Anal Plug - was created. Since that first toy, feedback from our fans and our own passionate creativity have inspired new offerings like our Colors Against Cancer color plugs, Star Delight dildos, our Twist wands, and of course our wildly popular Tail plugs.

From these humble beginnings, Crystal Delights has grown into a diverse and incredibly successful line of hand-crafted glass pleasure products that are unrivaled in their quality and beauty.

Our Philosophy

At Crystal Delights we are committed to developing and producing the very best sensual products possible, using the finest body-safe materials, and with demanding quality standards and attention to detail. In fact, many of our customers think of our adult erotic glass art pieces as the sensual equivalent of a Tiffany & Company creation! Each Crystal Delights product has been meticulously designed, created, and tested to ensure that it meets our standards of quality, safety, and beauty.

It is our mission to support the communities that support us. As such, we are dedicated to giving back through a variety of ways, including charitable donations, supporting sex education, animal charities, the LGBT community and helping the environment. These causes are important to us and we strive to make them an integral part of our every-day business.

We also believe in ecological responsibility; we use recyclable cardboard packaging to ship our products to you, and we do not offer clamshell or other plastic packages. Our Pony and Bunny Fur tails are cruelty-free faux fur, and our ponytails are made with durable synthetic wig hair. And our glass toys can be easily recycled when their life has come to an end - if it ever does!